Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ravings of an Irrelevant Book Blogger

I'm no fool, I know no one is watching.  Google Analytics does not lie.  But you know what?  I find the fact that no one is watching ridiculously liberating.  I could say just about anything and it wouldn't matter.  I could admit that secretly love 'Stars Are Blind' by Paris Hilton, that I'm listening to it as I type this and no one would know.  This blog is like the Carson Daily Show of the internet--does his show still exist, by the way? (See?  See what I mean, self?)  Hardly anyone is visiting my little book blog, not even my mother.

Not yet, anyway.

Oh, but they'll come.  And they'll like it, too.  I'll be like The Bloggess, except I'll talk about books and be a lot less relevant.  It's going to be great.  I'll have reviews and interviews and giveaways.  People will subscribe, they'll love me.  And then?  When I finally win the internet the ARCs and galleys will come pouring in from all the major publishing houses.  I'll be swimming in free books.  A library of my very own.

(Soon preciousss.  Soooooooooon.)

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